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An interesting workshop at a coffee bar in Ghent

As specialists in coffee you can always rely on WAY for an educational workshop at their coffee bar in Ghent. We Are Young is a company that has specialized in all things coffee and a fun workshop could of course not be missing in their range of services. They organize events, sell barista tools to make the best drinks, developed their own brand of roasted beans and even sell magazines that will teach you everything about coffee worldwide. In short, at this coffee bar in Ghent they know everything there is to know about this hot drink.

Learn how to make coffee like a professional

Brewing the perfect espresso can be quite the challenge when you have no previous experience. That is exactly why the experts of WAY started giving workshops for everyone who wants to get started on their own adventure. This course is very hands-on and during two hours you will get the opportunity to try out a professional coffee machine. Besides the fun practical parts of the workshop, there is also a bit of theory. It is not only important to do something correctly, but also know why you do it that way. You will start with measuring the coffee and calibrating the grinder. This will assure you of consistent results. After pulling the perfect shot, it is time to learn more about the milk. Steaming the milk can be quite tricky at first, but these specialists will make sure that you go home with the perfect technique. You can learn all of this for only 80 euros per person for a two hour class. It is guaranteed to be a memorable experience!

Register for the workshop today

Are you interested in the workshop at this coffee bar in Ghent? Don’t wait any longer, because the amount of participants that can enter, is limited. Do you first want to know more about this course about making espresso? Then call these specialists today and ask them all your questions. They will definitely be able to help you.